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I have been involved in some sort of photography.  I the pre-digital days it was mostly travel photography, primarily of people who love to have their pictures taken.  


A few years ago I attended classes in studio photography and figure drawing and have sought out ways to mesh the two together.  I am attempting to capture in photography the essence of what can be found in classical art but brought into the 21stcentury.  Drawing human figures involves the study of line, form and texture but through photography there is the added element of rapport with the model producing a truly collaborative body of work, the result of a synchronized dance.  


I began building a body of studio work in the US, primarily in the areas surrounding Washington, DC, Baltimore, New York City and Boston.  I am currently residing in southeast Asia pursuing studio work, primarily in Bangkok.  


This website is divided into two parts, one being figurative photography which features mostly nude figures and studio which features non-nude.  


Please contact me below let me know if you have a gallery or know of a gallery that may be interested in exhibit some of my work.    Also, I welcome your questions and comments.

Yi Wen